Member Testimonials

“I was able to increase the amount of weight I used and I got stronger and stronger . I was particularly happy with the difference in my arms which really tightened up and still look good. My legs also toned up and I am extremely happy with the overall results. I go North for the summer but when I return I will go back to work with Nick again.”

~Gill Fuller

“I have been with Lil some 4 plus years.  I have lost 20 pounds and many inches.  I am at a good fitness level for my age.  I enjoy seeing Lil.  We do gyrokinesis and weight trying with stretching and cardio. I feel so much better when I see her.”

~Luann P.

“My lower back pain is manageable because of Patti and my bad knee is pain free. I am stronger because of her training. She will change my routine based on the way my body is feeling that day. I always feel better and stronger when I have finished my workout. I no longer have to take anti-inflammatory medicines. She fixes my ailments every time I see her. When I don’t see her I return to pain and my anti-inflammatory medicine.”

~Daphne W.

“Pete is mature, in great shape and understands my age and the limitations that sometimes comes with it. He has pushed me further than I ever thought I could go. I have better flexibility and body tone because of him. Pete understands and listens to your goals. You will never be bored. He continuously alters and changes your workout that challenges your body, as well as your mind.”

~Joe T.

“I needed to get into a routine and a disciplinary program to make me feel better and stronger. As I play tennis I believe staying in great shape and fit. Igor trains many of my clients and friends and everyone seems happy and satisfied with his training. Igor works with your needs and wants and is very knowledgeable about getting you the results. I lost inches in my stomach and feel stronger and more confident. “

~Cosmo D.

“Jason has helped resolve several joint and back issues (and avoiding medical treatment) while still working with me to accomplish my primary goals of weight management and toning.  Without Jason, I might not fit in any of my jeans!”

~Allison R.

“Chip has one of the most extensive training backgrounds of anyone in the gym. He has a college degree oriented towards exercise programs, did graduate work in exercise programs and physical therapy, and trained under a local orthopedist focusing on physical strength and rehabilitation. He is thoroughly familiar with the anatomy, understands the body structure, and knows how to apply it in an exercise program. Plus he is a good guy and fun to be around.”

~Don M.

“Nick is excellent. He is in sync with my goals and my level. I am just very fortunate that he was hired to work with me. He has my respect and commitment. I am over 50 and have always worked out, but was losing strength. I feel confident that this will no longer be an issue.”


“I wanted to tone and work out my body which makes me feel good all over. Jason is well educated and experienced as a personal trainer. I am more toned and I feel great after every workout with Jason. I would tell a prospective client that Jason is a great personal trainer!”


“As a result of working with Pete, I maintain a healthy lifestyle and have the energy to keep up with my grandkids. Pete inspires confidence that you will meet your goals. I would highly recommend Pete as a trainer to anyone that seriously wants to improve their quality of life.”


” Jason’s training, and can-do attitude and understanding of the body was what I needed. I have regained strength, flexibility and stamina, lost inches and pounds. He always comports himself in the most professional manner. His educational training and experiential training combined are unparalleled. “

~Annie F.

“We were looking for an skilled trainer that could help us achieve our goals and keep motivated. Nick gave us our initial tour and assessment and explain various equipment and how the gym was set up and operated. Over time we reached out to Nick to take advantage of the in body assessment and decided to use him as our personal trainer. He’s skilled and focused on client’s individual needs.”


“Jason created a personalized program for me, one that continues to push me to my limits and beyond. His understanding of personality types along with his knowledge of the human anatomy make him uniquely qualified and I am extremely satisfied and the results prove it. If you are in the market to look better and feel better, Jason fits the bill.”


“Nick Hasson ensures he is aware of each of his clients ‘ strengths limitations and goals.  He will encourage me to do just one more set vs leaving to my own devices..maybe the easier path.  He will ensure I am executing correctly. He is encouraging by often comparing the accomplishment of the current session to the previous one. He adapts each session accordingly.”


“The combination of Jason’s professional experience and academic training, allows him to craft a balanced workout regime.  I personally found that Jason provides a personalized program that motivates to extend your physical reach while at the same time staying within your capabilities. I feel very confident in recommending Jason as a personal trainer.”

~Maura B.