Top 4 Benefits of an InBody Assessment

Understanding your body composition is crucial to understanding your overall health, endurance, and risk for disease. This InBody Assessment determines percentages of skeletal muscle mass, body fat and water.

Why might you need an InBody? Here are just a few reasons:

#1 Help reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is a collective term for disorders of the heart and blood vessels that increase your likelihood of developing things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, dementia, stroke and diabetes. One of the most important identifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease is your body composition and more specifically your visceral fat.


#2 Know your body composition.

Three individuals with this same exact height, weight and BMI can have much different body compositions, and therefore risk factors for disease.

Without the context body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass provides, it’s very difficult to understand what your weight on the scale means and whether you need to consider making changes to improve your body composition to prevent disease.

#3 Track your progress.

Have you ever been trying to lose weight and it seems like that number on the scale will just not move, not matter how hard you work? Often when you begin working out, your muscle mass rises while your body fat drops, preventing any movement in your actual weight. Stop worrying about the number on the scale and look at the big picture with your body composition!


#4 Set goals!

InBody test results are an excellent benefit for athletes looking to achieve peak performance. The InBody test results break down your body composition into each body segment, providing athletes with much needed measures to help determine targeted areas to train. The InBody test results can tell you if you need to work on your skeletal muscle mass in your legs versus your arms, or if your left arm has a little less muscle mass as compared to your right arm.


Kick the scale, and let’s get some real work done!

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