Meet Our Team

Meet the Ultima Team

Pete Pietrini

Managing Partner & Certified Personal Trainer

Employing over 10 years of physical fitness study and instruction, Pete’s training philosophy is to evaluate each client’s needs based on their goals, capabilities and preferences. The result of this personalized approach is a comprehensive and sustainable wellness program developed from a variety of disciplines that integrate mind, body and spirit to achieve a balanced set of lifestyle habits.

Ian Curran

Managing Partner and Boxfit Director

Ian was born and raised in England and began competing at an early age in an extensive array of sports advancing as an adult into boxing, track & field and soccer. Working alongside some of the biggest names in sports, Ian has travelled the world and studied numerous fitness styles and health and fitness trends enabling him to develop “The Boxfit Method”, an exciting new program rolled out at Ultima in June of 2017.

Mike Roca

Managing Partner & Membership Director

Mike was born in Mt. Kisco, NY and has been managing fitness centers in South Florida for over 20 years. Attended and graduated Palm Beach School of the arts. Majored in Piano. Mike is absolutely committed to facilitating results by helping new members chose from the best strategy, using one or more of Ultima’s numerous programs and professionals. Being in the fitness industry isn’t his only full-time job, he is also a full time Dad.

Jason Cartwright

Personal Training Director

Jason received his Bachelor’s Degree in 2010 with a concentration in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College in Massachusetts while completing his internship at the University of Hartford in Connecticut working as a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level. In 2011, he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association which requires a Bachelor’s Degree and is considered the gold standard in the industry.

Kathleen Vernace

Group Fitness Director

Kathleen’s parents taught her the value of physical fitness and nutrition at a young age. From the age of 1, Kathleen was an awarded athlete and, where set multiple high school records. She is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals, and wants everyone to have fun while getting fit, which is why Kathleen’s training philosophy is to be flexible and find the right path for each person.

Eian Gosselin

Front Desk Manager

Eian got into the fitness through sports. He enjoys working in the fitness industry because everyone is generally happy when they enter and leave. His hobbies include playing basketball, football, kickball and any other physical competitive sports. Although most of his work background is in the food industry he’s always wanted to be able to help people achieve their fitness goals and feel good about themselves.

Daniel McHenry

Marketing Manager

An Ohio native, Daniel has a background in customer service, political science, and employee management with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Bowling Green State University (go falcons!). After deciding the cold was not for him, he moved to West Palm Beach. Titled a “jack of all trades”, he believes there are few things that cannot be learned if the desire is there.

Michael Platt


Michael Platt is an entrepreneur who has built Marketing and Fitness related businesses in Kansas City, Las Vegas and now West Palm Beach. Having lived in downtown WPB since 2009 and having been a member of Ultima Downtown for nearly as long, Michael owns Personal Training schools throughout the country headquartered in Kansas City, as well as a fitness marketing firm in West Palm Beach called Wholly Fit Marketing.