Personal Training

It’s time to make your fitness personal

Personal Training Benefits…

  1. Individualized Workout Programs

  2. Increased Motivation/Persistence

  3. Maximized Use of Gym Time

  4. Increased Knowledge About Proper and More Effective Workout Habits

  5. Focused Goal Setting

  6. Proper Form and Injury Prevention

  7. Muscle Confusion to Enhance Results

  8. Greater overall fitness and health

Dean has lost over 27lbs of fat and Val has lost over 24lbs of fat.

Val and Dean are holding 5lbs replicas of fat.

Whether you just started exercising regularly or you’ve been doing it for years, hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals is not only recommended, it could be the key to helping you reap the benefits of your fitness regimen, and put you on the right track to better overall health.

Small Group Training is available and recommended, though one-on-one training is available.

Call to schedule an appointment for a Complimentary Orientation today. Be sure to ask about our “Fit-Pack” introductory program. 561-659-1724

Fitpack Introductory Program

Are you fit, fat, or in a funk? The Fit-Pack is a tune-up for flexibility, strength, movement, and weight. Not sure how the engine’s running? Our expert trainers will provide an introductory evaluation and session to help get you moving. (Inbody included)

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